Manzoor Ahmed s/o Din Muhammad

Name: Manzoor Ahmed s/o Din Muhammad

Phone: 305-3244505
Address: Khanpur Mohalla Town Ubauro District Ghotki Sindh Pakistan
City: Ubaro
Complaint Type: Sepco Electricity Illegal Bill
Complaint Detail: To, The Electric Inspector, Irrigation Scarp Colony, Military Road Sukkur. Subject: - HUMBLE REQUEST FOR JUSTIFICATION AND ISSUANCE OF CORRECT, BILL OF METER NO: S-P 247779 REFERENCE NO:04 381630187300 U. Sir, With due respect, I, Manzoor Ahmed s/o Din Muammad Kalhoro r/o Khanpur Mohalla Town Ubauro District Ghotki, begs to submit as under: That I used to reside at the above mentioned address , and in my residential house electricity energy supplied through meter No S-P 247779 Reference No: 04 381630187300 U, the electric meter of the residential house becomes out of order, burnt in heavy rains few years ago, such complaints were made for several times before SDO SEPCO, Ubauro, Line Superintendent SEPCO for the replacement of another meter, after expiry of 2/3 years meter was replaced and the fake, baseless, fabricated and frivolous bills in huge quantity amount were being issued on monthly bases, while the undersigned is consumer of Electricity consisted upon 06 selling fans, 03 pedestal, 9/8 Saver bulbs, water pump only. That as the fake bills received from WAPDA/SEPCO which were paid in installments , as per directions of Open Katchery. Amount of bill was becomes Rs 1,24079/- and as per directions in open Katchary undersigned paid Rs 62000/- on dated 13-03-2021. That Lateron a fake, fabricated bill in huge quantity of Rupees 75576/- received which was paid on 24-06-2021, therefore, there was no any balanced or outstanding amount of SEPCO remains on account of the undersigned at all. That bill of August 2021 received showing arrear Rs 138/- total amount Rs 1995/- which was paid before due date, Bill of Sept 2021 received showing illegal, fake, fabricated, bogus amount of Rs 2813/- as arrears and also showed illegal baseless 699 units as consumed, for which question dose not arise for consumption of 699 units in one month such illegal, fake, baseless bill amounting Rs 18136/- were paid by the undersigned within due date, in order to save myself from the further cruelty and Irresponsibility of SEPCO dishonest staff. That Bill of Oct 2021 received in which no any arrears was shown in it, an amount of Rs 5717/- shown which were paid within due date. Contd………. (Page No: 02) That fake, fabricated, bogus baseless bill of Nov 2021 received amounting Rs: 33040/- showing Rs.25523/- as arrears which is clearly misconduct, mala-fide and dishonesty on the part of Subordinate staff working under the mismanagement of SDO SEPCO, Taluka Ubauro, District Ghotki, It is completely misbehaving with the undersigned. That it is further brought on your kind notice that the undersigned has gone for several times to SDO SEPCO office Ubauro, in connection to redress grievance and proper Electricity bill be provided, but none has gave any response in this regard. It is, therefore, requested and beseech that your gracious self would be pleased to direct the Sub ordinate staff of SDO SEPCO Taluka Ubauro, to perform their duties with honesty, faithfully in accordance with law and restrained them that they shall not made illegal Electric connections to unauthorized Electric thieves, they may be restrained not to impose illegal units in account of responsible / authorized consumers / citizens, (who are paying Electricity Bill regularly), and they may be restrained not to obtain illegal bribe / gratification from Electric thieves, in exchange of illegal Electric connections and not to facilitated / provide them unauthorized connection and it is further submitted to your gracious honour that the Electric fake, fabricated, baseless bill of huge amount of Rs.33040/- against the undersigned may kindly be wave off and exempted. In the supreme interest of SEPCO Law , Justice and equity Thanking for your kind anticipation. (Manzoor Ahmed Kalhoro) Dated: 23-11-2021, R/O Khanpur Mohalla Twon Ubauro Dist: Ghotki Consumer of Meter No: No: SP-247779 (1873). Mob: No: 0305-3244505. Copy Submitted to:- 1- The Honourable District & Sessions Judge Ghotki, with request to take sever action against the irresponsible dishonest SEPCO staff. Copy forwarded to:- 2- The NEPRA, SEPCO Regional Office, Sukkur, Airport Road Sukkur 3- The XEN, SEPCO, Mirpur Mathelo, Dist: Ghotki, 4- The SDO, SEPCO, Taluka Ubauro, Dist: Ghotki,

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