Farhan khan

Name: Farhan khan

Phone: 300-1234567
Address: Karachi-Sindh
City: Karachi
Complaint Type: Karachi Traffic Police too much bribe money collection
Complaint Detail: Salam, Subject: Karachi Traffic Police too much bribe money collection Dear, I want to register complain extra ordinary too much bribe money collection for Karachi traffic police specially in these location mention below too much disturb to all passengers daily earning too much money daily basis no buddy care about any department traffic police he is ready every time to stop people and disturb for earning money like all are (kata dal kar sub ready rahty hai bus parchan karny ky lyee aur rishwat lanay ky layee). Please take action and relive this bad habit from Karachi traffic police too much disturb all nation these type of corrupt traffic police staff. Please reply me via email only due to corrupt government departments that’s why I am not sharing my contact number that’s why I am hide my number. Locations: 1st point: Liaquatabad Dakaha under Flyover near liaquatabad police station. 2nd point: Liaquatabad 10 no under flyover. 3rd point: Tower signal near memom masjid. 4th point: Karachi arts council near sindh secretariat signal. 5th point: MA Jinnah Road near dilpasnd sweet and khusbu house signal. Regards Farhan Khan Email:[email protected]