553618/portable washing machine

Name: 553618/portable washing machine

Phone: 304-2979230
Address: Shop#53,main road,karachi
City: Karachi
Complaint Type: No product inside package
Complaint Detail: I have ordered portable washing machine through fb page and tgey said we deliver via leopard service and today just i've received only piece of plastics and thermopole.why you haven't check shop or product before packaging. Now they've removed messanger data and not attending calls also. Tracking id is 192696330

Pak Complaints-553618/portable washing machine  | Shop#53,main road,karachi | No product inside package



Date: 7/8/2022

Yes same happened with me i have ordered stainless steel grinder these mf have packed shampoo and now these are not attending calls aur even replying haram kha ker kahan jana hain begairet log