Yousuf Shah

Name: Yousuf Shah

Phone: 312-7588699
Address: House No 755 Shahi bazar Luqman Khairpur mirs sindh
City: Khair Pur Mir
Complaint Type: Illegal detection issued
Complaint Detail: Dear Sir, I am Teacher and always pay my utility bills including Electricity Bill in well due date but unfortunately Corrupt Staff of Sepco Sub Division khairpur unreasonably sent me Electricity bill of my Residential Connection, bearing Reference No.16381321015600, with ILLEGAL DETECTION Amount of about Rs.9500/- this month of June 2022 which is absolutely wrong and atrocity with me as I never think of illegal use of electricity, rather I always fight against the electricity thieves as well as their official facilitators. therefore, you are requested that kindly consider my request on merit and issue order for removal said illegal detection with issuance of rectified bill as per the Meter reading as exist in Meter or kindly. Thanks.