Usman public school campus ix

Company Name: Usman public school campus ix

Address: Other
City: Other
Complaint Type: Use abuse words and violance against students
Complaint Detail: I want to complain against Mr Tariq Nasim who is teaching social studies.He use very abuse words and punish student just like violance today i complain this teacher. And also advice him that please stop this man for teaching because students learn bad word he is also psycho.last Saturday my sister complain this teacher and told to principal that her nephew also studying viii class and you can ask him.Next day principal ask my son and he told him yes he is facing his abuse words since last year. After that confirmation very next day Tariq Naseem punished my son which was not punishment it was tottaly violance . I visit to the principal and told them Situations but his body language shows that he has not much time but he gives his mobile number and told me we will do something