Leader ship school johar branch

Company Name: Leader ship school johar branch

Address: Other
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Complaint Type: making out from the school after paying fees of my one kid
Complaint Detail: I have got three kids in leader ship school johar branch karachi.I have got financial issues I am only a person who running the whole family.I am not able to clear my kids fees on time but it doesnt mean they are studying at leader ship free of cost I pay their fees wgen I have flexibality. I have cleared my elder daughters fees. and have got some dues of my two kids Abdullah of class 5 and areesha of class 1 I asked them to give me some more time to clear thier fees but today they make my kids out from school even though my elderdaughters fees is clear but they make her out from school with ger siblings. are we helpless cant we take aby action of these sort of bullshits kindly help me what action should I take further