Company Name: TCS

Address: Other
City: Other
Complaint Type: Late delivery
Complaint Detail: I sent a parcel of 6 kg methai to Lahore.iit was booked on Tcs by bombay sweets and CNno was CN306024989112 . The methai was booked in the 15rh and was delivered after 4 days on the 19th .I made numerous phone calls and complains but there was no reaction by the TCS staff. When the methai reached lahore it was smelling and it was stale and was thrown away I logged a complain on the Tcs website and I got a call from Tcs that they were sorry and that we are willing to pay compensation if I could provide them with the I’d card of the person who booked the parcel ,the invoice of the methai and original booking slips .I made the effort and got all the paperwork from bombay sweets and then sent the details to them After sometime I get a letter from Raza Noman who is one their managers saying sorry we cannot give you compensation I don’t understand why was I asked to submit all the paperwork if they did not want to give me compensation as I had not asked for it in the first place When I called Raza saheb he said he will get back to me and he never has till today TCS. Is the most expensive and irresponsible courier company in Pakistan