Khwendo kur org

Company Name: Khwendo kur org

Address: Other
City: Other
Complaint Type: Pending salaries..
Complaint Detail: With due respect it is stated that we were worked with a social oeganization named Khwendo kur(KK) conducted Newly BISP door to door survey at district Lakki Marwat KPK. Khwendo kur(KK) organization was integrated partner of SEBCON and was conducting BISP survey, we were almost 85 male/females employees recruited, Sir KK were poor system of paying salaries, thay paid us 5 salaries in installments and now our one month (Aug-2017) salaries are still pending and KK dont even responding us.. Its almost one year passed but our salaries are still pending with KK. we tried alot by meeting with DC and local govt but no action has been taken yet.. so It is hereby requested to please take some serious action and provide us our salaries from Khwendo kor organization.. we dnt have fanancial support to file a case against KK..