Consumer Court

Company Name: Consumer Court

Address: Other
City: Other
Complaint Type: Gujrat branch terminal staff misbehaviour
Complaint Detail: On August 29 that’s is today I was traveling to Lahore and had my tickets booked from my mobile app and the payment was also made form my account. Upon reaching to the terminal they without asking me changed my seat from 1 to 14, upon my enquiring they all misbehaved, the Stuart, the man at the counter who issued me tickets and a man with a beard. Then I had a word with mr ilyas some Assistant manager operations Sialkot he thought listened to me have my seat changed again to 6 and was very very rude as well. This drama created on the terminal was bad and humiliating. What’s the level of services you are providing to ur customers. If my complaint will not be answered or replies I’ll raise this issue to consumer court.