Company Name: PTCL

Address: Other
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Complaint Type: PTCLFalse Time Frame given by
Complaint Detail: PTCL, I have launch the complaint on 21st august 2018 but till date 27th August 2018 my complaint didn’t rectified, i have made a call several time to 1218 they are just saying that our complaint will be rectified on propriety basis, i have some questions to asked, and will any one of PTCL higher-up give answer to me? Q1) if the complaint didn’t resolve with in 48 HRs as per the policy of PTCL what the compensation PTCL is giving to consumer? Q2) from 21 to 23rd August 2018 it was public holiday, as per the 1218 operator that the emergency response team was on duty, how may complaint form 21st to 23rd august this team rectified, kindly provide detail, Q3) to call helpline why the consumer is paying for his complaint? it should be on the PTCL. Q4) 24th was a normal working day, on 24th august how many complaint was rectified by the area line man, need to publish record. Q5) My house is in the middle of the street, how its possible that only 6 house in the middle are disconnected and the rest is working, as per the PTCL that the line is cut due to the BRT, how its possible that only the middle houses are disconnected.