daewoo bus service peshawar terminal

Company Name: daewoo bus service peshawar terminal

Address: Other
City: Peshawar
Complaint Type: non cooperative, rude and indifferent staff and poor shuttle service to hayatabad
Complaint Detail: I was a regular customer of daewoo for the past 15 years but had to quit using its peshawar terminal services for the past 1 year due to its extremely poor shuttle service to hayatabad passengers as its erratic and has unimaginable delays and most of the times a flat refusal by the terminal handlers in a rude and unprofessional way. i have lodged written complaints through their system twice but of no use and today while i travelled after a gap of more than a year, i found the same unprofessional and indifferent staff at the shuttle ticket office and a news that today again no shuttle is available for hayatabad. daewoo has already lost badly to its competetors for pesh rwp route i.e motorway express, faisal movers and bilal daewoo and the only reason is its un predictable service , extremely poor shuttle service and at the top of it unprofessional staff. it is bound to doom and fail if they continue with such unprofessional behaviour on this particular route (PESHAWAR-RAWALPINDI)