Company Name: Ptcl

Address: Other
City: Other
Complaint Detail: SUBJECT: APPLICATION TO DISCONTINUE PTCL CONNECTION AND BROADBAND. Dear Sir, I am using PTCL Broadband 4mbps since at lest 3 month but its download speed is too much low, my download speed is about 30kbps. I have complained too much times but no response from PTCL. I may not say that the company is bad but I would like to say that the employers are toooooo much corrupted and lazy, they are not working honestly. I have complaint to 1218 and our exchange time to time but sorry to say that till this date my Phone and DSL connections have not work properly for just a few moments. When I talk to 1218 they told contact to your exchange, but our exchange office is telling it’s not our problem call to 1218. Now what should I do? I also want to inform you that I think my problem is also manually created by local Employers of your Department (black sheep’s of Ptcl) Dear Sir, I am a Government Employer, so I have not extra time for running to PTCL exchange every day for the solution of my problem, hence I decide to withdraw from my Phone and Broadband connections. Therefore I request you that kindly disable my both faculties urgently. I am not able to paying bills for these faculties when the line has been inoperative and also make head-ache for me. Dated: August 16,2018 Yours truely,